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30 August 2005

How Do I Get Back Home?

Alright. Now that I have had a minute to get my head together–I just went through a three-week long whirlwind where one minute I have a life in Montreal, and the next I am sittting here in front of someone else's computer in Key West–I am stunnned.

I am in Key West. I was just in Montreal. WTF! What am I doing back in the USSA?! Holy shit, this place sucks!!!

Holy shit!!! WTF!

I am seriously mindfucked: I was having a life a minute ago!

My life, my computer, my business, my career, and my dog are in Montreal . . . and I am here!

Am I laughing my ass off? You better believe it!

I have my health, amazing friends, and all limbs and digits are presented and accounted for. Whoo-hoo! But I am here!

All I can think is WWSMD, What Would Surely Mongog Do? Shite, that's me, and that is a good question!

Do what you like, I am staying tuned.


Blogger virgilcrow said...

Moo-Goo-roo-Doo Ma Tu-Tu!

10:44 AM  

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