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07 August 2005

We Make Money Not Art

We-Make-Money-Not-Art is a site verging on greatness. At its most ordinary, WMMNA is like an ace art students' Very Good graduation project. And at the site's ongoing peaks of glory, We-Make-Money-Not-Art is an inspired report on several takes on the new design and aesthetics of this future-present/at the beginning of the 21st Century, the world in which all of us now find ourselves living.

Interestingly, there is a absence of popular opinion in the vision that WMMNA presents as their vision of the world's vision. It seems counter-intuitional, rather than ironic or savvy the form and presentation is more unaccustomed and unexpectant, like seeing the world through the eyes of a non-traditional newborn–one raised in vitro.

All of which does not come close to giving credit where credit is due. Check out the honesty and nature of We-Make-Money-Not-Art for yourself. Then write your own impression of the site. And you'll see why H2RS keeps it in our mix.



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