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01 August 2005

Ghillie Suit Bigfoot Costume


All of us have been laughing to tears for nearly twenty minutes now.

Oh silly humans, your frivolity never ceases to amaze:

(Like Mr. Pants says), "It's Bigfoot. With Guns." And–extra super-evil–crossbows!

But regardless what the stealthy hairless primapes are using them for (BWA-HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA), all of us want a bigfoot costume to play in, too!

Link (via misterpants.com).

Extra-round fun: read the "disclaimer" here. Hunters, flammable bigfoot costumes, cigarettes, woodland creatures witnessing a spectacular of flaming jute . . . BWAAAA-HAHAHAHA . . . oh, the humanity! Stop! Stop! We're dying over here!


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