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04 February 2008

Score Anonymous 4, Scientology 0: CNET's Buzz Report & Message to Scientology Part 2

This week, CNET's Buzz Report addressed the Tom Cruise/Scientology/Anonymous debacle, and then at the end of the report got political. See for yourself. Beside's the fact that it's EPIC WIN, it just capped Scientology. Score after the above, lessee, Scientology litigates with YouTube over Tom Cruise video, -1. Anonymous steps in, releases video, PWNS Scientology. Score: ScienT -2, Anon 1.

Then Anonymous effectively shuts down the portal for Scientology on the internet. Score definitely: ScT negative 3, Anon up 2.

Anonymous rules the interweb for a week. Score: ScT -4, Anon +3.

Internet responds, copycat videos released. Everyone on the internet realized TC is an SP (ie clueless). Scientology re-popularized but everyone thinks, "Tom Cruise is a Wackjob!"

Playing field levels! Score now ScT 0, Anon 4.

Then Scientology got all serious. Lots of responses, lots of threats, even the Vampire Hunter himself, former kid actor Mark Bunker released a video joining the fracas.

Wow. Scientology started to come across as respectable! Like ScT was a respectable opponent. Where's the fun in that? Ratings dropped...

...back to funny pictures of crazy car crashes through a house...

...then highly-influential (in it's own way) CNET dropped the bomb. Not the ball, the bomb. CNET's Buzz Report this week took us through all the above thrills, then declared web neutrality — "like Switzerland" — then at the very end of the clip, showed partisanism ie "Go Anonymous!"

See for yourself. Molly Wood makes front page news, internet-style. It's instant relevancy! Whatever is happening is still happening. Which is great, it means we didn't waste our time.

It also means that there really is an Anonymous, and that Scientology is either a lame duck or a dark horse, (in other words: LULZ either way!) but one way or another, thinks just got bumped up a notch here in the iWorld.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice to see you managed to subtly include moRonPaul spam, while riding the wave of men greater than yourself. Congrats, RonBot.

I'm guessing you have no comments 'cuz everyone else agrees.. ?

3:08 AM  
Anonymous Zanzibar19 said...

Hey there,
Thanks for posting our vid. Nice wrap up of the whole Anonymous movement. We're fan of anyone fighting for freedom of speech on the net, so right now Anon ranks pretty high for us.
That said, we just want to make it clear (for hilariously obvious reasons) that our Message to Scientology 2 is just a joke, i.e. all in good fun. Go Anon, we're just the witless town jesters watching you storm the castle gates.

3:19 PM  

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