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31 January 2008


I swear I went to school with this guy, only his name was Scott Daugherty. But anyhow, the above is Jimbo of the blog, Jimbo.info. His blog is the gateway to a grip of gay-centrific blogs which are genuinely on top (bottom?) of the new original 21st Century pop culture thing. If 30 is the new 20, then Jimbo and his like-minded compatriots are in the sweet spot of the new cult of originality. Just stop by Jimbo's site, and surf the links for half-an-hour or so. Voila! Savitude is enhanced!

Case in point, neoteny. Wow, Desmond Morris is still provocative! See?

Remember when gay culture ='d up-to-your-elbows pop culture know-how? Jimbo (and friends) do, and whether they realize it or not, they may have brought it back. Way back. Grace Jones and all.

Good work, fellas. Whatever you guys are on to, the rest of the planet will have some, too.



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