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22 January 2008

Church of Scientology: Own up or Close up

Here is a graph of the Alexa rankings of the Church of Scientology's website. It is a good illustration of what is taking place, called a Distributive-Denial-Of-Service (DDOS).

See the spike? That's the traffic increase, a load up to 8 times the site's usual traffic. Whatmore, the attention that the live unfolding of this story is driving even greater traffic to the site. In fact, it is further serving to increase the burdensome traffic load every time one of us clicks on the link, scientology.org.

Simply put, click-thru's equal unrelenting (one-way) traffic equal denial-of-service.

What we are seeing here is history in the making. It is the 21st Century putting its attention squarely on a a small component of itself, in the form of a website representing an organziation which what may or may not be a religion (which has 8-to-15 million adherants worldwide).

Specifically, the internet is casting an objective eye up on the religion/whatever's internet presence, and the main site of the the Church of Scientology is clearly unable to sustain the load. In one context it's abominable, frontier justice done vigilante-style. But in its proper contemporary context, considering that every visitor's click which adds to the site's over-burdened server load is a vote, it is clearly the expression of justice of a very young new Epoch at the front-most head of a just-born Millennium.

We all of us are not by-standers. We all here have the tools of the internet at our disposal. What we are noticing is our not being spectators; but watching alone, on the internet we are clearly participants.

This is not democracy. This is not collective, even. This is a consensusual movement. And it is newly minted and newly real.

Is it time to realize that, as human beings aware of the reality of evolution, we are experiencing evolution? Because if it is, for the first time ever, not only are all of us experiencing evolution, all of us know it.

If the Church of Scientology is unwilling to play nice (in the same way the rest of us on the internet who — like-it-or-not — must and do take responsibility for our actions), but the Che Church of Scientology has found itself being led by individuals unwilling to own up to the organizations reprehensible behavior, then, for the troubles it finds itself being inundated, Scientology has no one to blame for but itself.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the religion, all about how:

L. Ron's wallet got flipped, turned upside down. So hook up an E-meter and sit right there- I'll tell you how you became a human Preclear.

On the planet Coltice, born and raised, mining Vespene gas is how I spent most of my days, being overpopulated and relaxin' all cool and all playing some Thetan ball outside Scientology school. When a couple of Psychiatrists who were up to no good, started freezing brothers in my neighborhood, I got in one little volcano and my overlord got scared, and said "your moving with the homospaiens on Teegeeak, that planet with air"

So I Whistled for a DC8 and when it came near, it had no propellers just rockets in the rear. If anything I could say the in-flight brainwashing movie was rare but I thought "nah forget it," then they put me in a box using some Ghostbusters gear"

I pulled up to the planet about 7 or 8 million years ago and yelled to Xenu, "yo ho, imprison you later," I looked at my Thetans, we were finally there, to haunt us some primates with little body hair."

12:04 AM  

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