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27 January 2007

Gnarls Barkley - Who Cares?

I tried resisting Gnarls Barkley. I really did. But this song really gets to me, in that Moby kind of way. In fact, I haven't heard a pop tune that has hit me so strongly since Moby's Extreme Ways.

Part of the deal is that I have a girlfriend now. And she's got a kid. And I have a headache all "teh" time. And it's what I want more than anything. You know why? Because it's a connection to G-D. Not like before - that's gone for good - but in a way that I hoped for and which has been consisently beyond my own imagining.

Whatever I was before is, like, dying. It's like my young self. And what I am now is being born, like my "old self." I even talked to my biological father about it. He said the older I get, the more I am going to be like I was when I was a really young kid. Great. I liked that but all the work I have done seems to be for naught.

In any case, I really care about this woman, but she reminds me of the vampire in this video. She wants, and wants, and I am afraid to give. And I get headaches. And today's my birthday. So this is my birthday song. For year 4-2. And I am psyched to be alive! I hope it keeps being as good as this, and better!



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