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12 November 2006

Storm Constantine's Grigori Trilogy

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"The Grigori Trilogy is a series of three gothic horror novels* by British author Storm Constantine. The series tells the story of the Grigori, a race of fallen angels who are being rewoken in preparation for the new millennium, and their children by human women, the Nephilim.

"Originally published in the United Kingdom by Signet/Penguin, the books were later published by U.S. publisher Meisha Merlin. In 2006, the first book in the series was brought back in to print by U.K.-based Immanion Press. The remaining two books will follow.

* Stalking Tender Prey is the first book in the Grigori Trilogy, followed by Scenting Hallowed Blood and Stealing Sacred Fire.

Link to excerpt from Stalking Tender Prey.

Link to Stalking Tender Prey reviews.


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