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10 November 2006

Malachi Ritscher's Act of Defiance (R.I.P.)

Malachi Ritscher
Do you remember the effect of Vietnamese buddhist monkThích Quảng Đức had on the world when he sel-immolated in protest of the Viet Nam war? Well, it has happened again. Yesterday, in Chaicago, Malachi Ritscher, a peaceful, well-liked, and music-loving man set himself on fire in protest of the war in Iraq.

Here is the story.

And here is the response, which - utter misunderstanding aside - is building.

And building.

And building.

It's time for everyone who considers themselves one of the all-encompassing "us" presently being party to throwing a war to get entirely out of the war business, and into the health, healing, and happiness business. How about starting by dedicating 1/10th of what has been spent on killing people outside the US over the past three and a half years on Mental Health, Education, and Arts, for, say, the next twenty years?

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Blogger FutureQ said...

Maybe that mental health education money should have been spent on this FOOL that wasted his life protesting things far out of his personal control. I am against the war and all war but I am far more effective ALIVE and able to keep making a noise than stupidly DEAD!

This is made even more poignant in these times where the pace of technological progress will bring practical extreme life extension to all within this century. How would anyone feel about going to war if they had 4 times the (youthful) life span to lose to such violent foolishness? In such times it will become exceedingly difficult to find youth still willing to be soldiers willing to throw away their lives, such lives that now and future tech are bringing potentially very long, fully youthful throughout, exceedingly happy & productive.

Don't believe we'll crack the aging prcess and bring such times about? Ask yourself how much progress has been made in aircraft engineering in just one lifetime, in computing or medicine?

useful links:

Go forward and live!


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