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04 November 2006

We Interrupt Our Previously Scheduled Programming....

Magic & Marketing Alternative Realities

"Your wealth = Your command of Magic."

Learn magic this Tuesday evening on the "$0" Tele-seminar, 9 PM Eastern (6 PM Pacific). Just dial-in at 1-712-432-3000, and enter the bridge number 938678.

Why do I type $0? Because spam filters will often block emails with the word "F.r.ee" and this post was originally an email sent to 3,000 folks who double-opted-in at AuthorsBusinessplan.com.

Learning these tricks is part of becoming a more powerful magician. Are you ready to become a more powerful magician?

Past tele-seminar Magic Success...
Tuesday's tele-seminar will begin with a short celebration because our SEO work with coach Dave Navarro has paid off!!!

Future tele-seminar Magic Case Study...
Next, we'll briefly meet Wes Unruh who is Tellman Knudson's MySpace Chief Marketing Officer, and he'll tell you what to watch on MySpace for next week. (He'll make Michelle Chance famous in one week!)

Tuesday's tele-seminar Magic...
Warren's magic is his ability to work with authors on coordinating a best-seller blast, and more importantly, teaching authors specific tactics on how to use their book to make money.

Did you catch that? You won't get rich selling your book. You get rich using your book for very specific business purposes.

Learn magic on Tuesday evening's Magic Tele-Seminar, Tuesday 9 PM Eastern (6 PM Pacific). Dial-in at 1-712-432-3000, and enter the bridge number 938678.

You are really, really unlikely to get rich off of your book. Book publishers and book retailers get rich selling your book. That's their job.

Your job is to use your book as a marketing tool, over one-hundred pages of fabulous
insights that subtly and not-so-subtly reinforce the benefits of doing business with you.

Learn more on Tuesday's tele-seminar, 9 PM Eastern (6 PM Pacific). Just dial-in at 1-712-432-3000, and enter the bridge number 938678.

All the infuriating ideas in this email come from me and should not be confused with my guests, co-hosts or friends. These are my ideas and my perspective. Here goes...

The only way alcohol is helping you make money is if you are selling it, taxing it or getting a client warmed up to close a deal.

Yes, I drink. I'm not saying drinking is bad. I am going to write about a marketing lesson you can learn from the marketing of "drugs and alcohol."

You've surely heard the phrase "drugs and alcohol". Scientifically, alcohol is a drug. So what's the benefit of saying "drugs and alcohol"?

"Drugs and alcohol" = SEPARATION of alcohol FROM drugs

There are few people I enjoy discussing alcohol and marketing with more than Warren Whitlock.


Wanna' know why I'm not wealthy yet? It's because I can't keep my mouth shut.

Part of what I dig about Warren is that he lets me yap, and he still does business with me.

Warren sees that what separates alcohol from drugs is a marketing campaign. Alcohol kills more people directly, or is a contributing factor to premature deaths, than all non-taxed drugs combined. What's the best way to identify a non-taxed drug? Our government calls them illegal, making them command premium prices and filling our streets with un-needed violence.

Am I going too fast for you to connect the dots?

Marketing of alcohol involves beneficial labeling.

Keeping alcohol separate from drugs is worth hundreds of millions of dollars a year to this multi-billion dollar a year enterprise.

Coors donates millions of dollars each year to anti-drug campaigns, but actually Coors is against other drugs.

These are not profitable ideas. You won't find these ideas explicitly discussed in my business book, Think Two Products Ahead.

Tuesday night's seminar stars Warren Whitlock. Warren is teaching us how to get rich through publishing.

Warren sees what I see...that separating alcohol from drugs is like separating what the White House press secretary says from what is actually calculated misinformation.

None dare call it treason. Legally, I guess its not.

What I do know is that the game is rigged. And, if you aren't tweaking with their rigging then you are either part of their team, or getting frustrated being broke.

Stop being frustrated and come learn how to make more money faster.

You can call me crazy. However, you can't argue with the money I've made big businesses and small and mid-size ventures.

You need to know how words affect your profitability.

If your job was to sell a "regressive tax", what would be your first action? For me, it would be to change the name!

Did you know that "regressive tax", "flat tax" and "fair tax" all refer to the same taxation scheme?

Are you asleep, or can you see the difference in these labels?

Learn these skills, learn to sell your own ideas and learn to swim.

Learn magic on Tuesday evening's "$0" Tele-seminar, 9 PM Eastern (6 PM Pacific). Just dial-in at 1-712-432-3000, and enter the bridge number 938678.

Every week I get irate emails from my subscribers. Most times I simply unsubscribe them. One concerned soul apparently put my email address in a church newsletter so that I received several emails with large sections cut and pasted in each one, telling me exactly why the Bible tells me I'll burn for eternity in Hell.

Thank you for your concern.

My goal is to get you to take action. I'm please you are taking action. However, I don't enjoy that much heat in my the metaphors I ingest.

Indulge me while I turn up my CD player...

So, so you think you can tell Heaven from Hell,
blue skies from pain?
Can you tell a green field from a cold steel rail,
a smile from a veil?
Do you think you can tell?
And did they get you to trade your heroes for ghosts?
Hot ashes for trees?
Hot air for a cool breeze?
Cold comfort for change?
And did you exchange a walk on part in the war for a lead role in a cage?
How I wish, how I wish you were here.
We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year,
Running over the same old ground.
What have we found? The same old fears.
Wish you were here

--Pink Floyd, "Wish You Were Here"

Peace out,


[Full disclosure: H2RS contributor Ben Mack is completely batshit insane. BTW, as no specific Tuesday has been specified for this event, H2RS suggests any Tuesday you have free, and that will do just fine.]


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