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20 November 2006

Michael Richards Dealing with Hate

It looks like simple hate, what is called racism. But in fact, this is the first time in recent memory a known performer has had the initiative and courage to try and face down hatred publicly. This is why H2RS exists. Rockstarring is not coasting, it's careening.

When Michael Richards makes his first acceleration, remarkably like Bill Hicks (see below), the comedian immediately begins to fail his convictions - which are inobviously but categorically true - by ever so slightly giving into the hate he courageously calls forth, a hate that is present throughout all society and is presently causing all of the problems of our living on this world, but he does so without being one thousand and ten percent certain of what he knows to be true. And what Richards knows to be true is that love is king, and we must manage to be in a room together and honestly acknowledge hate without succumbing to it and killing one another.

But this is too much credit to give to one person based on a single video. That is, unless one is able to be sublime and READ THE CONTEXT from the emotional content. Remember, as creatures who are intelligent but communicate without language (such as dolphins and whales) teach us, language, even body and sign language, is only one way to communicate, and intelligently perceiving and interpreting emotional content at the end of the day may be the next step in the evolution of homo sapien.

In any case, while we ponder the arrival of the next Einsteinian Galilean Buddha Gandhi Christ, some of us are bound to make failed attempts at solving the unsolvable. Thanks for the effort, Richards, you failed. But in the meantime, everyone of us will do well to remember, hating hatred is hatred, too.


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