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01 September 2006

Steorn Hoaxs Entire World


What a crying shame.

Is it really so easy to pull the wool over so many people in the world today, just by throwing a little money behind a little forethought?

Repeat after me (and hit the links for all of the evidence):

Steorn. Is. A. Hoax.

Specifically, it's another damn pointless ARG. Like Ilovebees. Like The Beast. Like Mayday Mystery. Like Neurocam.

The reason this is so disappointing is the premise of a promise of free energy is damnably welcome at this juncture in our human story. The restraining bonds of energy allocation is what is compromising our development as a humankind.

Damn you, stupid marketing company, and your stupid little marketing ploy. Everything is about money when energy is God.

And OBEY GIANT is just a stupid brand, too, okay?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! Leave Neurocam out of this.

12:37 PM  
Blogger Mongo Nikol said...


2:49 PM  

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