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16 August 2006

You. Do Hear. What I Hear. I Do.

The name of the site is How To Rockstar.

When it began, there was some conjecture on the subject, that our site's name should be How To be A Rockstar.

That's when I stepped forth, and explained to one and all that explaining how to be a rockstar would be impossible, that a person either does rockstarring or they do not.

"How does a person do rockstarring?" immediately asked one of our younger visionaries. He was promptly ignored. His question had answered the question for everyone present. That's what we are explaining. Surely, in only so many words, and mostly by examples given, and directions to information and resources to make the use of our skills sharper, more focused, and more refined.

As for ourselves, there is no mystery. Who we are is a loose and changing affiliation of a number of artists, teachers, performers, and learners. All of us are either famous, infamous, notorious - or a combination of these qualities - and our names are all unimportant.

Because, at this point in the great Here and Now of all things, anyone can change the entire world as long as they remain anonymous.

And besides performing, the main goal of all real rockstarring is to change the world. This is why we are here.

So we reach out to all fellow Rockstars, everyone of us who is doing it well all the time, and doing it in unison, agreement, and consensus, and put out this simple message at this time:

"publicly change the world together without a sound"


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