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19 December 2005

Cute Overload

Imagine a world where everything is just smurfy. That's pretty much the idea behind Cute Overload. Pictures of (mostly) (furry) (non-human) baby animals.

Warning! This is the stuff that made the Grinch's heart grow ten times over.

Link (via boingboing).

11 December 2005

Kyle McDonald's One Red Paperclip

Here's the deal. Canadian and Montrealer Kyle MacDonald started with a single red marble paperclip (thanks Ben!), and is in the process of trading up from that single item . . . to a house.

Best of all, it's working! Yesterday, McDonald's story went internetional (courtesy Montreal-slash-Quebecois celebrity radio-star Michel Barrette plus related television coverage), and now Digg has picked up on it.

Link (via Digg).

10 December 2005

8-year Old Suspended For Star Trek-version of Pledge of Allegiance (Now with T-shirt!)