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23 March 2008

Coming To Alderann

10 March 2008

"Can We Get A Napkin Please!"

Improv everywhere have done it again (remember Frozen Grand Central?) Food Court Musical is several moments of rehearsed but unpredictable fun. How it all starts is as a set-up a LA mall food court, by working with the mall, the Improve Everywhere group had set-up in and infiltrated the mall with two-way mirrors, cameras, pick-up mikes, and music piped through the sound system. As well as sixteen "agents" - singers, dancers, and supporting cast.

Out of nowhere, behind the counter of corndog chain, Hotdog On A Stick, a lone countergirl breaks out in song. From there, things really get cooking...

...So which mall? Well, according to participant Jesse Thorn (!) on The Sound of Young America site, "The mall chosen to be the site of the mission is in south LA -- you might know it as the place Chris Rock interviewed people coming out of a Magic Johnson theater one time for the Oscars." In other words, Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza! This is the mall famous also for its featured role in the 2-Pac single, "To Live & Die In LA".

In other words, this is one fantastic clip at one famous mall. Great work, Improv Everywhere on your LA debut. West side up ahoy!

08 March 2008

Basshunter - Boten Anna