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01 January 2007

Solomon Andrews

I have spent enough time figuring out to write about. Here's what I discovered. We have a lot more to be talking about than most of what everyone else is talking about.

And here's a good for instance. Solomon Andrews was an inventor from the 1800s, who created an airship that he could steer without a motor. The only thing is, no one else knows how he did it.

So, essentially? He created a balloon that could fly upwind without the use of an engine. And that is neat!

So when I find something like this, I Google it. Which I did. I googled, "Solomon Andrews," and then after I learned about the Aereon, then I googled "Solomon Andrews" aereon.

Did you know that dirigibles were pretty much invented by Solomon Andrews? And that balloons and dirigibles are already being planned for assisting in the exploration of Mars?

Along the lines of that search, I found this article full of unusual and little-known bits of information. Of particular note, Thomas Townsend Brown and his claims of discovering anti-gravity.

But even better than that was this...

...it's what may be the first ufo photo ever, snapped in 1871! Here's the story.

In any case, I have discovered the function of HowToRockstar. It making known the little-known, the forgotten, and the unpopular. That's how I do it, it's how I rockstar. And if you rockstar, it's how you'll do it, too. Take my word for it. My name is Mongo Nikol.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's a lot of Solomon Andrews in the book "BORN LOSERS: A HISTORY OF FAILURE IN AMERICA" because Andrews went bankrupt and died penniless.

6:39 PM  

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