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12 June 2006

Human Blowing Underwater Bubble-Rings

Some of us have more interesting powers than others.

For instance, upon removing his respirator, this rockstarring japanese person has the abilility to blow perfect bubble rings!

Link (via Reddit).

11 June 2006

Star Trek vs. Star Wars

Imagine...an amazing mash-up. Essentially, it is fun, but imagine multiple realities overlapping, say X-Men and Superman, and Wizard of Oz and Christian mythos, and Republican reality, all at once.

This is a honey beginning.

Link (via Reddit).

05 June 2006

Baby Aardvark

Great Googalie Moogalie! If there is anything more stranger-looking than a baby aardvark, well, Hale's bales, all of here are unaware of it!

Introducing Gracie Aardvark, of Chicago's world-famous Brookfield Zoo, a zoo known for using moats and ditches rather than fence enclosures to maintain individual environments. She was born at the end of this past March, and is now moving around on her own.

But here's the best part...the site is complete with streaming video!