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25 September 2006

Inter The WU

"In the future, music gives way to communication, transporting quality content via sound and noise."
- DJ Unimportant
Attention H2RS fans!!

Your Favorite Little Website In The Solar System is about to undergo some growth.

Announcing the addition to our fellowship of one artist by the name of wu, an artist whose work is of such far-reaching impact it has redefined obscure.

obscure (noun) def. wu; influential; popular; future-tense of cool. [Ex. "Everything went from being uninspired and boring to being wu overnight!" Or, "Anything that wu is guaranteed to be a success."]

In other words, obscure is the new pink. And as H2RS has proven time and time again (just check out our enxtensive archives)...
"...when the going goes obscure, the obscure get secure."
- DJ Unimportant
Rock on, wu, and welcome to H2RS!


Blogger sauceruney said...

the blog at sauceruney.com/wp isn't wes'

It's mine... fyi, of course. I just gave him a ton of server space to host is projects, is all.

6:01 PM  
Blogger agent 616 said...

I'm honored!

9:56 PM  
Anonymous Carney said...

Crazy were on another webpage together WU think we might be affiliated or dangerous like the WU tang clan sword style or the shoalin drunkem flower style. Man I'm scared of my fingers now what the hell is this pink magic on my hand.

SInged the CARNEY, hey this is damned bat country run. ah

2:49 AM  

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