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05 May 2006

The Future Ex-Husband

The breathtaking and amazing image above was happened upon by way of our following a random link that was displayed up while Googling for this. All of us here? Jumping up and singing vogueing! Shouting together, "We...are...fam-i-lee!..."

Naturally, H2RS assimilated the cc out of it, and then blew up to appropriately legendary proportions. (God knows a lot more gayness can only make the world less less Starbucky, and more more happy happy happy again again.)

Myspace is ordinary, but sometimes somebody does something right, and then it's like...Peanutbutter Jelly Time all over again!

Thank you, Future Ex-Husband, you are fam-i-lee! And you judging from what's listing and playing at your myspace site, you have great taste in taste and music, too. Care to DJ our next party?



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