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28 May 2008


[MAJOR X New Era: Gradient Safari Cap - summer 2008]

Imagine if Leggy Starlitz opened an upscale sneaker boutique in DC post-2006/2007. This it what it would be like, MAJOR DC, "the first premium sneaker and streetwear shopping experience in Washington D.C.," aka "the only store that matters...period."

While other retail lines limp along like wounded dinosaurs, MAJOR DC has for all intents and purposes re-invented traditional branding. By doing high-profile "collabs" with "major" (get it?) lines such as Nike, Addidas, and New Era—brands known for maintaining air-tight brand exclusivity—as well as street-edge brands like Free Gold Watch, Rogue Status, and The Hundreds [non-collab], MAJOR brings to the table the long-awaited 21st Century twist on Name Brand Clothing: Doing what superstar DJ's like Dangermouse and A Plus D have been doing to records, MAJOR does to gear.

What else that matters is that MAJOR's net presence is strictly lo-wi, high-bandwidth hogging, websites, blogs[1, 2], and myspace pages with large jpegs and auto-play rap and electro tracks set to stun. In case anyone has missed it, inner and outer-city kids don't care how long the site takes to load or how tricked out the site is as long as it delivers the goods. More is better and public computers dedicated to hard-core single-tasking are being pounded for it. No online shop, but phone orders welcome!

The over-the-top collabs—all limited editions, natch'—are priced at $200 and up (and down) from there. While others are whining over petroleum barrel prices, these d-boys, d-girls, grinders, locals, and out-of-towners who just want to have fun are dropping big bills for the privilege of being first to bear MAJOR's exclusive take on reality.

This is no super-store, MAJOR DC is like a boutique. But different. At its pop-ate-itself soul is a revealing of the newest portion of modern branding's long-tail. Street sense, high-tech, and urban-style capitalismo, consider MAJOR DC as planting a flag on the googlemap that is the immediate future present. In a blurb, enter the fash-up!


The Wire's Big G

Super DJ Clark Kent and pro street skater Stevie Williams


UGK's Bub B


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