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07 April 2005

How To...Rockstar!

When I realized that a lot of cool information that is important to me was slipping past boingboing, and that I couldn't do a thing about it, I sat down and thought about this, and about what I felt was happening. More importantly, I thought about what my peers and I could do about it.

What I arrived at is the content flow which makes the group's site so worthwhile to me comes from the love the boingboingers has a great love for the subject matter on which they write. And their fans and fans of that content in turn love them for it.

As soon as I realized all this, I knew what I had to do. I had to create a similar site for my own group, who also love doing what we do, about how to do what we do better. Which is rockstar. And, who are these people I call my peers? People who rockstar, of course. People like me who, here in the 21st Century, rockstar for a living.

So, here it is, rockstar.com, and all the information I my friends feel is important to get out to you peers of ours, all of us in the world who rockstar. Far be it for us (or anyone) to tell you how to be a rockstar–either you are or you aren't–but I guarantee that everyone around me can share tips on what to do and how to do it when you discover, like all of us, you are one. Without further introductions, How To Rockstar.


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