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22 June 2008

Robin 'Roblimo' Miller on Net Neutrality

15 June 2008

Privileged. Floridian. Follower. Of Evil.

10 June 2008

How to be nicer to the Ignorant

May I make a suggestion?

Acknowledge the Ignorant for who they are—a people!—by ceasing to pretend their people and our people are the same kind.

Anyone in their right minds can see one group of us has evolved and moved on, while another group has chosen to remain behind.

It's the classic metaphor.

Once upon a time, there were two groups of primates. One group is believing they should commit to the move out of the trees, while the other group is steadfast: We must remain in the trees. Inevitably, a critical mass of disparity is achieved, and both groups make their decisions and stick to them.

Now, jump forward in time a few hundred thousand years. The group that chose to leave the trees and move to the ground got medicine, internet, and space travel. And the group that chose to remain in the trees? Zoos.

And that's how the metaphor goes, and in a way also, how it went.

Yet, now suddenly after another couple thousand years another opportunity for growth has revealed itself. Suddenly we as post-primates have been presented with another new idea. It is the concept of evolution.

And you know what the result has been?

The exact same as the metaphor with the trees.

Meaning, one group has embraced the evolution concept—and forward thinking—and the other is dedicated to the status quo, and subsequently obsolescent thinking.

In other words, there are now two kinds of humans living on the planet. There are those dedicated to realizing what we can become. They are us. And then there are those who believe that this was as good as it gets, and don't want much better but worryingly don't want much worse.

These are the Ignorant people. And we discriminate against them by giving them the credit we give to our equals/one another.

While this has been common knowledge for sometime—I mean, either getting evolution or not getting evolution is what we share or don't share in common—recently a method of determining which of us belongs to which group has revealed itself.

It is the question of whether or not the president of the United States must be Barack Obama.

Here in the US, when someone tells me after eight years of what we and the world has been put through under the reign of George W. Bush that they will be voting for McCain, I know that I am dealing with a person who is Ignorant.

Here in the US, when I here someone say, "I am not voting for McCain, but I am not voting for Barack Obama," I know that this is someone who is Ignorant.

There are not really two US presidential candidates. There are presidents for two unique US peoples. Barack Obama is our president, the president for all of us in the US who are anything but ignorant.

And John McCain is the president of the US Ignorant.

See how simple it is? Anyone who is anything other than Ignorant will obviously vote for Barack Obama. Likewise, the Ignorant by their very nature must choose McCain—by voting or not.

Acknowledge the Ignorant by leaving them to their beliefs. Stop belittling them with shows of conscious superiority.

There is not a choice of whether or not to vote John McCain or Barack Obama. There is an evolutionary difference between the two. It's like neanderthals and humans living together and having choosing to vote for a homo neanderthalensis candidate or a homo sapien candidate. The one would vote for their kind, and the other would vote for theirs.

However, as history shows, victory goes to the smarter group not the larger.

So, rather than aggravating the Ignorant with anti-McCain campaigns and pro-Obama demonstrations, just organize your immediate community to vote for Obama. It's really very simple and civil. After eight years under Bush, even the Ignorant people are not very interested in voting for McCain. But they rightly want life to be better than it is.

In the end, the Ignorant don't really care that Obama is president; they just want to be acknowledged. Make getting Obama elected our goal, but let's do it while acknowledging—and being nicer to—the Ignorant.

 Abraham Obama by Ron English