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28 May 2008


[MAJOR X New Era: Gradient Safari Cap - summer 2008]

Imagine if Leggy Starlitz opened an upscale sneaker boutique in DC post-2006/2007. This it what it would be like, MAJOR DC, "the first premium sneaker and streetwear shopping experience in Washington D.C.," aka "the only store that matters...period."

While other retail lines limp along like wounded dinosaurs, MAJOR DC has for all intents and purposes re-invented traditional branding. By doing high-profile "collabs" with "major" (get it?) lines such as Nike, Addidas, and New Era—brands known for maintaining air-tight brand exclusivity—as well as street-edge brands like Free Gold Watch, Rogue Status, and The Hundreds [non-collab], MAJOR brings to the table the long-awaited 21st Century twist on Name Brand Clothing: Doing what superstar DJ's like Dangermouse and A Plus D have been doing to records, MAJOR does to gear.

What else that matters is that MAJOR's net presence is strictly lo-wi, high-bandwidth hogging, websites, blogs[1, 2], and myspace pages with large jpegs and auto-play rap and electro tracks set to stun. In case anyone has missed it, inner and outer-city kids don't care how long the site takes to load or how tricked out the site is as long as it delivers the goods. More is better and public computers dedicated to hard-core single-tasking are being pounded for it. No online shop, but phone orders welcome!

The over-the-top collabs—all limited editions, natch'—are priced at $200 and up (and down) from there. While others are whining over petroleum barrel prices, these d-boys, d-girls, grinders, locals, and out-of-towners who just want to have fun are dropping big bills for the privilege of being first to bear MAJOR's exclusive take on reality.

This is no super-store, MAJOR DC is like a boutique. But different. At its pop-ate-itself soul is a revealing of the newest portion of modern branding's long-tail. Street sense, high-tech, and urban-style capitalismo, consider MAJOR DC as planting a flag on the googlemap that is the immediate future present. In a blurb, enter the fash-up!


The Wire's Big G

Super DJ Clark Kent and pro street skater Stevie Williams


UGK's Bub B

03 May 2008

Gordon's Alive?! Brian Blessed Version




temporary art museum
temporary autonomous zone
recursive acronym z.o.n.e. of no effort

Du har valgt å få tilsendt b
fatalt liksom
mitt valg mitt ansvar
Du jeg

i don't think wanting is complementary to doing

the performance thng and its paradigm
Networked Performance: Any of a number of approaches to performance that
incorporates computer networks (the internet, wireless, telephone, or
other) or a combination of networks in the creation or distribution of a
work. Works may be any mode, format or combination, such as synchronous,
asynchronous, ongoing or fixed duration, distributed, local, etc.
Distributed Performance: Music/Theater/Dance/Cinema. Occurs
simultaneously in multiple locations via networked interaction.
Physically dispersed participants coming together through the network.
For example, the performers in two or more locations play to audiences
in their performance spaces and simultaneously to worldwide Internet
audiences by means of especially created websites.
Collective Net Performance: A network-enabled performance in which a
group collectively activates or participates simultaneously in the
performance experience. Can be local or distributed.
Augmented Reality: Involves overlaying a virtual world on your view of
the real world so that you experience both at the same time. Unlike
virtual reality where you cut yourself off from the real world in order
to immerse yourself in a computer generated virtual world.
Ubiquitous Computing: Ubiquitous computing seeks to embed computers into
our everyday lives in such ways as will render them invisible and allow
them to be taken for granted."

www 28800 IN A
@ 28800 IN A
andel 28800 IN A
arbeid 28800 IN A
archive 28800 IN A
arkiv 28800 IN A
arspublica 28800 IN A
auto 28800 IN A
bibliotek 28800 IN A
blog 28800 IN A
books 28800 IN A
butikk 28800 IN A
document 28800 IN A
dokument 28800 IN A
draft 28800 IN A
exhibition 28800 IN A
extra 28800 IN A
galleri 28800 IN A
gallery 28800 IN A
invest 28800 IN A
isbn 28800 IN A
kladd 28800 IN A
library 28800 IN A
mailart 28800 IN A
medlem 28800 IN A
member 28800 IN A
museum 28800 IN A
not 28800 IN A
offline 28800 IN A
salg 28800 IN A
salgsutstilling 28800 IN A
share 28800 IN A
shop 28800 IN A
studio 28800 IN A
support 28800 IN A
taz 28800 IN A
text 28800 IN A
tmp 28800 IN A
utstilling 28800 IN A
wip 28800 IN A
work 28800 IN A
zone 28800 IN A

Norway $0.015
Norway, Mobile $0.150
mobile 10$/hr=60kr/t=1kr/min
yahoo ratio 1/6
skype 0.017€=0,14kr/min=8,4kr/t

that he had dhad enough of this nonsense and that it was time form him
to leave the palce for good. evene then he did not lose either his
temper ohr mih manenr. he doneider his decicsio to muchous saying i
appreciate your istagatniad augne gber ask about the bidddahdharma,
repeteadely the abbot has deinge dto bestoe hi sbeatings upon me, onle
reget that due some bosfe karmaofo my own making h havno ben bena ble to
cforner the profd dtonrine, theresn nothignelft for med to do but to
leave,mucou ssay efore you go awasy, it si prooer that should tkae ofeae
of the aboot lichchsi bowd and retied, in the meantime mudos lost no
time in comring to the appobt whsipering to him the mwoks sho asked the
waeion ahtogh he is still yong is an estraordi nan, when he omes to tka
elave, please reiev him talctylly in the futer he steinedg to beco a
towering whre which sil sast tis alsuts shows yopn makins when line can
tka tlael fthe eltle dhflaflshflka oslurl
- the conclusion of this is somewhat dendrite-axonic, a reading tree and
a writing root, as i try to use the neuron as a basic input output
system. the conclusion is that it doesn't work that way. which also
means that a perfect life isn't possible - as a kind of a processor. if
the roots are strong you could be going, but the leaves keep you; you
could be leaving but the going keeps you. is anything contained? i'm
perplexed by the question. the difference between the dendrite and axon,

artist interview

in what direction is your art moving at this point in time?
first of all i don't think points have directions
, unless you propose a fanzy superstring theory or similar
could you rephrase?

what are you doing at the moment?
i'm into social networking, or wireless uh embedded, i like embedding,
do a lot of things while embedded, and society, society and social,
network, i have a computer but to get the internet working here isn't
easy. i think the interesting part of this is that trouble continues,
that's the meaning of work so to say

in what way is your work interesting to others?
everything costs money

why do you say that?
i don't know, let's see -
because it's free, well you're paying the telephone companies then
they are my art institutions
and i have free server services served by other digital art institutions
i like to do interesting things

what is interesting to you now?
to get some kind of internet connection, that interests me
my art is rejected by the telephone art institutions
(pop music in the background, a draft through the livingroom, noise from
the street)
i have electricity
oh what do i have? when i sleep i don't even have my body, but that's
i think everything is wrong
that's interesting to me

can you expand on that?
expansion is a long wrong, a continued deviation, the more i expand the
more wrong i am
right things are simple, not worth mentioning, and not interesting to
it's like books on inner peace which you can buy in the noisy street
and that's how they sell it too

would you say this is the core of your activity?
oh i know about cores, you might find them in the same shops
i'm not against commerce, but maybe i am, that would be a core indeed
pop music has a core, that's why it's repeated
repetition, i don't know why we want that
on the contrary, that's exactly _what_ i know

so what does this knowledge include?
i like the word knowledge though i don't approve of it
somehow i have to speak though
points and directions
maps of n dimensions
but at any point or moment you don't know much about where you are

i find these statements quite boring
well i know some jokes, you want to hear some?

webartery syndicate wryting archive

sdf:/udd/n/noemata> dict dict
No definitions found for "dict", perhaps you mean:
gcide: Dit dicot Dicta Edict Pict Duct Diet Dint Dipt
Dirt Ditt Dice Dich
wn: dit dicot dicta edict duct diet dint dirt dice
moby-thes: edict duct diet dint dirt dice dick
vera: dct dit dic idct dact dect dice dicf
foldoc: ict dct pict dect dirt
bouvier: EDICT
gazetteer: Dice

dick or dyke
when did last time have secs

step not on pets
The, ("El Cid Campeador') (Rodrigo Daz de Bivar), c1040–99, Spanish
soldier: hero of the wars against the Moors.
2. (italics) Le. See Le Cid.
planets of the apes/moors/similar
oh god they really did it
shun man
this edict will self-destruct
scrolltext 29, verse 6

for the efficiency of information
each eye to have a different view
depth is lost, but really, who needs it?
if we were hunting reindeers maybe, but?
the easiest is just to cross your eyes
the third eye somewhat third dimension
if we had an eye in each what would time be?
the fourth eye has only one direction
together they are seven 2+2+2+1
there are seven directions and four eyes

whatever things i find no use of, make art of it
whatever art i make, find no use of it
for instance making a printer work that no one in fact will use
or things you do or think that doesn't categorize or produce

dimensions of reality
if reality has n dimensions then are the n-1 n-1-dimensions real?
for instance a shadow
or given spacetime, if then space and time are unreal
dimensional collapse
near-sleep art idea:
only time
take away everything but time
a room, close the door
art, no instructions
program, only prompt
the cursor blinking
maybe also because a collapse brings complexity
the beauty of trash and earth
beauty is kind of a collapse
if you get the thread
so the only-time-thing is also the most complex
everything is collapsed
no guidance

sdf:/udd/n/noemata> dict slob
2 definitions found

From WordNet (r) 2.0 [wn]:

n : a coarse obnoxious person [syn: {sloven}, {pig}, {slovenly

From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 [moby-thes]:

102 Moby Thesaurus words for "slob":
Dry Ice, berg, boor, butterfingers, calf, churl, clay, clumsy,
cryosphere, drab, dub, duffer, firn, floe, foozler, foul-up,
frazil, frozen water, frump, fumble-fist, galoot, glaciation,
glacier, glacieret, glaze, glazed frost, glop, goof, goofball,
goofer, granular snow, ground ice, growler, gumbo, gunk, hick, ice,
ice banner, ice barrier, ice belt, ice cave, ice cubes, ice dike,
ice field, ice floe, ice foot, ice front, ice island, ice needle,
ice pack, ice pinnacle, ice raft, ice sheet, iceberg, icefall,
icequake, icicle, jokul, litterbug, lolly, lout, lummox, lump,
mire, muck, mud, muff, muffer, neve, nieve penitente, oaf, ooze,
pack ice, pig, rube, schlep, schlump, scum, serac, shelf ice, slab,
slattern, sleet, slime, slip, slop, sloppy Joe, slosh, sloven,
sludge, slush, slut, snow ice, snowberg, splosh, squash,
stumblebum, stumblebunny, swill, swine, trollop, yahoo

No match for domain "ARSPUBLICA.ORG".

cd {dir} - Change Directory
pwd - print working (current) directory
ls - LiSt directory (try ls -la)
cat {file} - conCATenate (view) a file
mkdir {name} - create a directory
rm {file} - remove a file or directory
mv {file) - move a file or directory
chmod perm {file} - set permission bits for a file or directory
edit {file} - edit a file in your directory
ps - Process Status (try ps -aux)
passwd - Change your password
disk - show current disk usage
uptime - show system status
df - print system storage
dict {word} - query the online dictionary
cal - calendar (try 'cal 1752')
finger {user} - show info about a user (try who or w)
chfn - change your full name
chsh - change your shell
ping {host} - test network connectivity to a host
traceroute {host} - view the route to a remote host
man {cmd} - read a manual page for a command.
dig / host - DNS utilities
geoip - Country lookup on an IP
expire - calculate your account expiration
domains - list domains available for use on SDF
mkhomepg - manage your own webpage space
mkgopher - manage your own gopherspace
upload - upload a file using ZMODEM (works w/ TeraTERM)
com - multiuser online chat
msg {user} - send a message to another user online
bboard - bulletin board
faq - frequently asked questions
mail - read/send email (also try
lynx {url} - browse webpages
links {url} - browse webpages (w/ frames support)
gopher {url} - browse gopherspace
talk {user} - talk to another user
url {user} - look up a user's URL
ysm - chat on the ICQ network
pkg_info - list ported/installed software packages
whois {domain} - query the INTERNIC WHOIS database
delme - remove your account now
logout - logoff


a project
the project

wehen we dio we don
hæ?jahalso d r sant

ok this pgm is quite simple - long words are extracted and shuffled into
it again. what are long words mostly, and does it give sense?

find some relieve in working, programming, of course, that's the meaning
of it, work i mean, well then but the continuous work as a continuous
avoidance, that should be strange, work as relief, but that's true

chess (music)
8x8: eight octaves
black/white: two instruments
time: chess player time
computer chess: turn the thinking into music (microsecs, checks many
thousand positions/sec)
instrument 1 moving up tonally, instr2 moving down, and then more messy
e2-e3 -> an octave, a harmony or a sequence
to beat a piece? e4xf5 - the two instruments together in f5?
a 'chess' forte


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(Special thanks Eric Landen/Eric Landen Consulting)

01 May 2008

Where I AM

Look, when there is something to write about, I will. Feel the force, don't force the feel.