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17 February 2008

Smallest Girl in the World

Olbermann to Bush: "You are a facist;..a liar."

Abingdon Boys School - Howling

How to Give A BJ






Blowjob Burger King

Burger King Safety Dance

14 February 2008

Amplive remix of Radiohead's In Rainbow

It was probably this video that did the job. Though only eight tracks long, Amplive's Rainydayz Remixes is the best real internet music album since DJ Danger Mouse's Grey Album mash-up of Jay-Z's The Black Album and the Beatles' White Album. And up until two days ago, it was unavailable.

But as of today, Radiohead having given the album their official seal of approval, Rainydaze Remixes is now available for download. [See link below.]

Initially, news of the release was posted around the internet along with tracks by an excited/ambitious fanbase of the DJ/producer Amplive including this doctored photo...

Amplive/Thom Yorke mash-up

...which no doubt contributed to the initial news reports/added fuel to the fire.

The stroy was that by forwarding a receipt of purchase of Radiohead's notoriously-successful In Rainbow album, listener's could get a copy of Rainydaze Remixes. The problem was this took place without Radiohead's approval or awareness. Eventually (what with the publicity and all - 1, 2, 3), it came to Radiohead's attention. That's when Radiohead's publisher put a quash on he project. Rainydaze Remixes suddenly was buried.

Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed. Partially due to a heart-felt YouTube plea from Amplive himself as well as a grass-roots fan campaign that supported Amplive (his work with artists such as mainstream successes such as Linkin Park and Goapele, as well as underground legends the Grouch and Akon, have earned the producer a sizable following), cooler heads prevailed, and Radiohead listened to the project and have now the group and their management and publishing company have all given the Rainydaze Remixes their seal of approval. Here's the video from Amplive pleading with Radiohead to "please listen" to the music:
And here is Amplive after getting the good news:

Quite a difference! And a success for music-lovers everywhere.

Though it took all of this to get to the music, this is yet another step in the right direction for music and technology. In addition to encouraging experimentation and artistic freedom, by combining mainstream superstar success with ear-to-the-street underground savvy, Amplive and Radiohead are making real modern headway for human relations...by showing what we all share in common.

In the past, the major record labels would have stamped a label on this kind of synthesis, petrifying it in order to sell it out before it had a chance to develop any further. Yet this is just another step in the evolution of music and web economics that has major labels left stunned and reveals their model as being hopelessly outdated. To the record labels this is about peanut-butter and chocolate equaling something that could have been marketed as Reese's. But to 21st Century, this is about the developing of something so great it doesn't even have a name but that is globally-loved all the same.

Best of all, the music is amazing. So thanks to Amplive for making the tracks. And thanks to Radiohead for yet another contribution to this developing modern artistic culture that has the means of production and distribution in its own hands but doesnt have (or need) a name.

Plus? Yet another opportunity for Del Tha Funkee Homosapien to show his knack for picking winners!


*BONUS: Download DJ Dangermouse's The Grey Album

04 February 2008

Score Anonymous 4, Scientology 0: CNET's Buzz Report & Message to Scientology Part 2

This week, CNET's Buzz Report addressed the Tom Cruise/Scientology/Anonymous debacle, and then at the end of the report got political. See for yourself. Beside's the fact that it's EPIC WIN, it just capped Scientology. Score after the above, lessee, Scientology litigates with YouTube over Tom Cruise video, -1. Anonymous steps in, releases video, PWNS Scientology. Score: ScienT -2, Anon 1.

Then Anonymous effectively shuts down the portal for Scientology on the internet. Score definitely: ScT negative 3, Anon up 2.

Anonymous rules the interweb for a week. Score: ScT -4, Anon +3.

Internet responds, copycat videos released. Everyone on the internet realized TC is an SP (ie clueless). Scientology re-popularized but everyone thinks, "Tom Cruise is a Wackjob!"

Playing field levels! Score now ScT 0, Anon 4.

Then Scientology got all serious. Lots of responses, lots of threats, even the Vampire Hunter himself, former kid actor Mark Bunker released a video joining the fracas.

Wow. Scientology started to come across as respectable! Like ScT was a respectable opponent. Where's the fun in that? Ratings dropped...

...back to funny pictures of crazy car crashes through a house...

...then highly-influential (in it's own way) CNET dropped the bomb. Not the ball, the bomb. CNET's Buzz Report this week took us through all the above thrills, then declared web neutrality — "like Switzerland" — then at the very end of the clip, showed partisanism ie "Go Anonymous!"

See for yourself. Molly Wood makes front page news, internet-style. It's instant relevancy! Whatever is happening is still happening. Which is great, it means we didn't waste our time.

It also means that there really is an Anonymous, and that Scientology is either a lame duck or a dark horse, (in other words: LULZ either way!) but one way or another, thinks just got bumped up a notch here in the iWorld.