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27 December 2006

Adbrite Check

Our first Adbrite check for howtrockstar.com...$20.48!

20 December 2006

The Human Race

"Welcome to The Human Race. Our system has been updated. You can now spend your entire life on hold."


14 December 2006

Pictoplasma Encyclopedia

Yesterday, I posted on the art movement known as superflat on MeFi. Here's the post. I spent the evening thinking over superflat, and getting somewhat buzzed off the idea of superflat. It reminds me of another time when I got my first whiff of buffalo.

[This is good and like superflat except it's flat/PULPOGRAPHIC.]

Today, I came across this. It is the Pictoplasma Encyclopedia, and it is filled with works of what I would call superflat.
[Not superflat, per se, but good/OZMOSE.]

Superflat is more along the lines of where my own work is, post 2-D, post 3-D. Superflat is 5-D, because it is more than full or filled-out. It takes into consideration the effect of cartoons on hip-hop (which from my perspective, hip-hop's urbanizing cartoony embellishments of reality, is what hip-hop's role was: To advance the funk beyond funk), and then participates in its own role as reporter by actively being a participant. Which is what funk is, it's own reward.
[This may be superflat. It's damn good, anyhow/BARNEY FRANCIS.]

What gets me invigorated is superflat. Most of all because it means to me, "that which I understand which the market does not." This is wonderful. It's like hip-hop prior at the moment when Buffalo Gals and Double Dutch came out. Fun! Exciting! Thrilling! Unknown!

[This is definitely not superflat, it's lolicon crap.]

The best part of superflat is that it is only being made by its praticioners, people who understand it, and it is outside of market boundaries...because the market is stuck in "hip--hop"! Yea! Fun!

[Superflat!/AYA TAKANO]

RIP hip-hop. And if you are an artist who understand what I am saying here about superflat, or you like funkanime characters, buy this book and make it your own. Be inspired!

Link (via ZUPTON).

Pee & Poo

I believe this is part of what all the asianization-of-North-America-talk is about, pee and poo, notorious enemies of western civilization, as cuddly toys.

Next thing you know, individual spermatozoon will be our friends, too!

Link (via walktallkickass).


11 December 2006

Brand New

"Brand New are America's Radiohead."
~ Alternative Press

Charlie Brown's NEW Christmas

[Via Panopticist].

02 December 2006

Crow and Cat Become Friends

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