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28 February 2006

Permanent Snowflake

Snowflakes are neat.

They. Just. Are. So the idea of being able to save one - and view it - for a really really long time is somewhere between the coolest thing in the world, and, oh, sheer and most unqualifiable heresy.

All of us here at H2RS are undecided. "Free The Snowflakes," or "In the future future, what saved all of the universe was a single snowflake, perfectly preserved in a drop of frozen chilled superglue."

You decide.

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27 February 2006

Boycott SmartFilter

Our friends over at boingboing (who we have known since they were bOING bOING magazine in the office on 3rd in SF) mean the world to us.

So when word got back to H2RS that some gimcrack censorware company name SmartFilter was screwing with BB by censoring their site based on the fact that BB had two nude pictures on the site last month, or something screwy like that, we did our own investigation and discovered SmartFilter filters out the US Constitution, the Bible, and the Declaration of Independence (not to mention all the Shelock Holmes titles!), all of which means, one, SmartFilter ain't so smart after all and, two, "SmartFilter?" You. Got. To. Go.


Lastly, in a show of support for BB, H2RS is pleased to bring you our first nude image ever . . . of Michaelangelo's David.

Keep up the good word, David, Xeni, Cory, and Mark. All of us here at H2RS love you!

Seenonslash (as in "Seen On Slashdot")

"The Best Comments Ever Seen On Slashdot"


20 February 2006

Tommy Mew, Mongo Nikol, (Ben Mack), and Black Mountain College

Me and Tommy Mew
Here is Rockstar himself, Mongo Nikol standing alongside abstract expressionist artist Tommy Mew. (Photo by none other than another equally notorious figure-slash-artist Ben Mack.)

What's the connect? Tommy Mew, living breathing painting lesser-known contemporary of such artists as Robert Rauschenberg, Roy Lichtenstein, Jasper Johns, Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, John Cage, and Marcel Duchamp, (there is obviously a big Black Mountain College link here), Tommy Mew was also my teacher.

Ben Mack and I visited him on our way to a presentation on performance art at Black Mountain College Gallery (ie the birthplace of contemporary PA in America) where I was, naturally, performing.


Rock Star Pastor Electrocuted

kyle lake1
How did this get past us?

But this is a refreshing take on the story: God wanted Rockstar dead.

Kooky fundamentalists, compassion is for kids.

Weirdest of all? It happened in Waco (naturally), about 14 miles from Georgie Bush's Cowboy Ranch.

Link (via Curt at Tribe).

16 February 2006

BSB Chinese Students

Sign 'em!

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07 February 2006

Is America Only Evil?

Being who I am, which is Mongo Nikol, pop provocateur and authorial artist-at-large, my good friends Marty Kahnle, Ben Mack and (quite especially in this regard) Robin "Roblimo" Miller explained to me the necessity of publishing-slash-producing tangible commercial work. So, with this important and gentle prodding from a variety of influential persons, I did.

It's small, but what has been published is a treatise of sorts, written for all of the America as yet to have discover some method in which to accommodate what is the 21st century.

I have written and published such a method, a genuinely compassionate connection to all of us who are anti-gun control and racially-minded people.

(It's the use of the word "us" that is turning heads. But it's true! Some of us are anti-gun control and racially-minded. Read the book.)

Without further adieu, friends, artists, and countrypersons, from our friend and mine, Mongo Nikol, co-author of the Andre The Giant Has A Posse meme et al, et al, presenting . . .

Is America Only Evil? (How To Make America Better).

(Thanks, Robin!)