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29 September 2005

Homemade Flame-thrower

Usually H2RS leaves the adolescent destructo routines to boingboing or digg, both of whom do a fine job of providing us with ample ways to injure ourselves doing awe-inspiring dumb stunts.

That said, who among us, at one time or another, hasn't wanted a flame-thrower?

And not a lame, super-squirter-filled with lighter fluid, but a seriously industrial, $100 in ordinary hardware, denatured alcohol-using FLAMETHROWER??

What for? H2RS has no idea, but all of us wanted one. Even nowadays, one of us at H2RS said in passing how convenient having a flame-thrower would be for lighting backyard BBQs. Now, imagine how impressed guests would be!

Well, hold on to your new-and-improved Martha Stewart, because here, with not only detailed pictorial directions, but actual video (!!!), is every immature, slightly-anachist hobbyist's dream come true:

The D-I-Y Industrial-Strenth Flamethrower.


DC Wooten's Male Nude Flickr Vintage Photostream


Photographer DC Wooten's compilation of groups of photographs of depictions of the male human experience is audacious.

Look at photographer DC Wooten's images how you like.

"A visceral celebration of one artist's take on 'the male experience.'"

"Provocatively nostalgic."

"Gay as a three-dollar baseball bat."

In any case - or all of them - what mesmerizes and tantalizes about these photos is what separates DC Wooten's Flickr collection from mere voyueristic, porny chaff . Namely, hese captured images of individual men and of groups of individual men together en masse talk to us about who and what a man can be and a man is in relation to another man: That is, one other hunter, one other provider, one other collector. Seen from this perspective, the human that is a man becomes a being like no other, whose firstmost purpose seems nothing more than to guard and provide for the continuation of the species, and then, to move on.

The collected photos often seem as titillating and hilarious as they are poignant. Picture after picture of something miraculous about humankind's other half, something we can frequently glimpse but (apparently) not truly capture.

The effect of DC Wooten's work is perhaps not for all, but for those who have ever wondered who all of us are as a species, and where all of us are going as a species, and where we have been, this is a view from the other side of one half of the mirror.

From H2RS with love, introducing the work of a bonfide Web 2.0 artist, with 40,000 views since this past July.

Gentlemen and ladies, DC Wooten.


28 September 2005

Giant Squid Captured Live On Film

Three things happened today. First, H2RS heard about a Japanese-led expededition to capture the first image of a living Giant Squid. Cool, heard it before, but cool

Second, NY Times reports that this same group actually succeeded, and got video. Amazing to hear, but . . . gasp! . . . no photos!

Third, and most important, H2RS's good friend, sea captain Ames Allmond sent us the midnight link to . . . the actual photos!

Check it out for yourself. H2RS's dreams were filled with creatures of the deep.


27 September 2005

Robin "Roblimo" Miller

H2RS is in Bradenton, Florida, being handyperson for Robin "Roblimo" Miller of Slashdot and OSTG, and publisher of the popular Linux-intro, Point & Click Linux.

H2RS is working on a 300mhz (!) IBM ThinkPad - with the best laptop keyboard practically ever, it's worth adding - running Linux (SimplyMEPIS) . . . and the machine is working like a charm. Think about that: People throw these supposedly ancient machines away, and H2RS just watched the new Chris Rock series on Google Video!

Our mission? Discussing blogging with Linux.

BTW, does using Linux make H2RS more than cool?


14 September 2005

Jason Stiles Digs On Digg


This is Jason Stiles. It's a snapshot from his blog, Juicynote. Yeah, nice picture. It makes him look kind of handsome, like a younger, handsomer version of the guy from Kill Bill.

And what brings Stiles to H2RS's attention is his latest posting on Juicynote about our favorite cultural movement in the making, Digg.

If you don't know about Digg, well, it's not too late.

But for those of us who have dugg on digg for some time yet, Stiles' insightful suggestions as to how to use Digg and how to use Digg better (!) are a welcome overview of a happening web-culture phenomenon.

See for yourself and be part of revolution or don't. Digg continues to unfold before our ever-lovin' very eyes, regardless.

Link (via Digg).

13 September 2005

International Canadian Table Hockey, Peter Christeas, and The Christeas Cup

Christeas Cup

What you are looking at is not an out-take from an upcoming Quentin Tarantino movie. Believe it or not, it is the new face of International Canadian Table Hockey.

Unless you are from the Great White North, you may be unaware of the rabid-like devotion to the deceivingly simple game-play of Table-top Hockey. Enter the international world of Canadian Table Hockey, and you will find it is indeed a world unto itself.

There is table hockey and there is Table Hockey, capital 'T', capital 'H'. No better example of the latter is the full-on fervor of the proponents, components, and opponents that make up artist-slash-actor-slash-table hockey devotee Peter Christeas' Christeas Cup in Montreal.

Replete with drama and intensity that alternates between real-life and surreal life, the Christeas Cup is International Table Hockey's All-Star Game . . . as played by real-life Mystery Men and Women. It's one-half staged event, one-half sporting event, and yet another half Andy Kaufman-style pro wrestling.

It is said there are two kinds of people, people who think there are two kinds of people and people who don't. Yet every so often some find themselves stepping outside of these boxes. For those of us enjoy such line-blurring culture-mashing–and enjoy playing Table Hockey!–thankfully, there is Peter Christeas and his Christeas Cup.

Peep the videoclips at the link below.


08 September 2005

Identifying US Info Misinformation

US Identifying Misinformation
Our good-weird friend Howard Cambell sent us another unique find recently, and it is a good one:

This is the US State Department's official Guide to Identifying Misinformation. Which in and of itself is a priceless piece of disinformation. But add to it Company 23's responsive, earnest, and hilariously poignant redux of the very same page, and, well, it pretty much tells it how it is. Between the two, future societies will have a pretty clear idea of what was really going on earth in the year '05.

See for yourself.

Link to the US's take on reality.
Link to Network 23's reality of a government on the take.

07 September 2005

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann Speaks His Mind About Bush and Louisiana On Countdown


Return of the Jedi? I don't know, it may be too soon to say, but this video is the first piece of journalistic intregrity I have seen from the American media in over five years.

If you haven't seen this video once, sit down and watch it twice.

(Note: This is a WMV file, we'll update in a more friendly formate as soon as that link becomes available.)

Link (via boingboing).

06 September 2005

This is Weird

Yeah. This simple and fast two-part brain exercise is weird.




I am getting on with my life. I have to "drop Montreal" and get on with my life, or else go kraazy.

There is there, and I am here, in Key West.

Things have changed. I can't pretend otherwise. This is not Montreal. I am not a free man. And it's important that I am here right now (because I am here right now), for whatever reason.

We now resume our previously scheduled blogramming . . .